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I appreciate every one of my customers. You all have been fantastic since I have been in Amarillo. I strive to give the best quality service that is available. To better serve my customers, achieve a private atmosphere, and to ensure that I can dedicate 100% of my attention to each and every customer, I will be accepting clients by appointment only. This will make each and every visit to Pistol Pete's Tattoo Shop in Amarillo an exclusive experience tailored to each individual's needs. Thank you for understanding that one of a kind pieces of art are always worth the wait.

Black and Grey Tattoos

Black and grey tattoos have been around since the beginning of the artform, and are normally split into two categories, black and grey realism and traditional black and grey.

Color Tattoos

The demand for color tattoos is higher than ever right now for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that new companies, products, colors, and needle configurations have helped color tattoos come a long way.

Sugar Skull Tattoos

The 1st and 2nd of November are connected with the Catholic holidays of All Saints Day and All Hallows Day. Dia de Los Muertos, or The Day of The Dead, starts the 31st of October at midnight.

Tradiontal Tattoos

American traditional tattoos are made up of very simple parts, but all these parts as a whole create a very bold long lasting design that can be enjoyed for years to come if done correctly.

Realism Tattoos

The style of realism tattooing has completely revolutionized the tattoo industry and the limits of tattooing. This tattoo style can be broken down into two separate categories: color realism and black and gray realism.

Cover Up Tattoos

The cover ups that are mostly from poor execution tend to be easier to cover. A well done tattoo that has solid lines is much harder because of how dark it is. Most poorly executed tattoos are not as solid or as dark, which makes the cover up easier.

Biomechanical Tattoos

Bio mechanical tattoos also known as "bio-mech" is one of the newest design styles in tattooing today. This style can be broken down into two sub categories: organic and mechanical.

Tribal Tattoos

There are many types of tribal tattoos all over the world all meaning different things. What most people in American know today as tribal tattoos consist of long solid black bars and lines.

Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are a very popular style now, and they are very fun to do and create. Technically, all Sailor Jerry tattoos were originally painted as flash using watercolor.

Lettering/ Script Tattoos

There are many different types of lettering styles and ways that they can be executed. They can be hand designed, or they can be printed out from a computer.

After Care of a Tattoo

Make sure to you take care of tattoos so they heal correctly!

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What a first timer (First Tattoo) needs to know.
Pistol Pete's Tattoo Shop in Amarillo

1. When choosing your first tattoo in Amarillo, going into the design process and subject matter, it is important to find a clear connection between what the tattoo is and what you want the tattoo to convey. Also, each artist has different strengths. Make sure to play to their strengths, which can help you choose a specific style, such as traditional or black and grey.

2. Having an idea for your tattoo in Amarillo is the most important thing when getting a tattoo. Placement and size of the tattoo comes second, with your budget being the third most important . Something to consider when deciding your tattoo budget, would be the amount of detail your tattoo requires, as size and detail alter the price of a tattoo.

3. When choosing the size of your first tattoo in Amarillo, you should consider something between two and five square inches. This will let you gain an understanding of your pain threshold, before you invest in a piece you do not have the pain tolerance for. Now, all you have to do is figure out where you want to put your tattoo, and how much you can spend on your tattoo.

4. When choosing the placement of your tattoo, consider an area such as the upper arm or the back of your shoulder for a less painful experience. Areas such as your wrist, feet, ribs and chest have a higher potential for a painful tattoo.

5. The composition, or how your tattoo flows with your body, will also play a part in determining where the best place for your first tattoo in Amarillo is. For instance, an "S" shape will flow much better on the side of your body rather than something more symmetrical. Once you know what kind of tattoo you want and where you want to put your tattoo, it is time to consider your budget. Knowing your budget beforehand will allow the artist to gauge the amount of detail and size of your tattoo, which lets your first tattoo experience be as smooth as possible for both you and your tattoo artist. Also, depending on the size of your tattoo, you may need multiple appointments or a deposit. It is normally less expensive to get more than one tattoo at a time, because of set up costs.

6. Prepare to get your tattoo. The day you get your first tattoo is special, and it is important to make sure that you are properly prepared. Five days before your tattooing date, you should begin drinking plenty of water, as dry skin may not take ink as well. Two days before your tattooing date, don't use any alcohol or drugs. Three hours before your tattooing appointment, eat a large meal. Finally, wear appropriate clothes to your appointment. Do not wear your finest clothes, wear light clothing that won't rub or chafe on the new tattoo.

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